「Anone」Animal Talk

In May 2016, I visited the Apple Animal Hospital in Amagasaki City for the first time under the introduction of Ms. Teraoka, a stray cat protection volunteer.
There, I met a 15-year-old mix cat named Gracie who lived in this animal hospital all his life.

The hospital boss and the staff hoped that Gracie could spend the rest of his life happily in a warm home, so they asked the boss’s friend Ms. Teraoka to find an adopter.
I remember the day I saw Gracie for the first time. Although he was already an old cat, his body was light, his hair color was shinny, and his face didn’t look old, and he definitely looked younger than me… (LOL)
There were other people who wanted to adopt him at the time, but because there were people in my family almost every day, lucky enough they choose me.

Every day from that day, I feel very happy. He chases and plays with me like a kitten, and he can read people’s thoughts like a human.
One day in April 2018, Gracie suddenly died of a heart attack.
I am so sad and shocked
I carefully preserved every beard he fell…

On February 10, 2021, I visited Ms. Teraoka and the 14 cats in her home who were looking for adopters.
Ms. Teraoka is actually an animal communication expert.
As long as you have photos and introductions of cats, she can establish contact with non-talking animals remotely.
Communicate by feeling animals’ feelings (thoughts, what they can see, smells, feelings, etc.).
This reminds me of Nakata who can talk to cats in the book “Kafka on the Shore” by author Haruki Murakami .

Ms.Teraoka 「anone」animal communication introduction
Ms.Teraoka and her cats looking for adopter
Below is my Gracie: