Bringer of treasure

So what is [365 people] column?
I am writing this column to introduce ordinary people who work hard overseas. The friendship, love, family that these people experience everyday, and the kindness between strangers in daily life, stories might be different , 365 days come and go to everyone!

Today I am introducing a young lady from the south of the Yangtze River who is good at both painting and designing arts and martial arts!

■Name: Lou Jia, English name: Casper, from Hangzhou, China
Graduated from Hangzhou Electronic University (Industrial Design), China, and has been working as a graphic designer in Shanghai since graduation.
After traveling to Japan for many times, she gradually became interested in Japanese culture and decide to stay in Japan to engage in design work while learning the language.
For 5 years with a Investor/ business manager visa, she runs a kimono rental shop while working as a graphic designer. At the same time studying Japanese traditional martial art Kendo !!
It was really a pleasure to interview her today!

>Why did you come to live in Japan?
>>When I was working in Shanghai, I wanted to give myself a gap year to experience something that I had never experienced before. I wanted to learn Kendo and see the beautiful sky, so I decided to come to Japan.
Then I quit my job as a designer in Shanghai and became a senior international student (LOL).
But after I came, I found that I didn’t want to leave here anymore, so after graduating from the Japanese language school, I decided to stay and work here.

What surprised you the most when first time came to Japan? and why?
>>Actually, before coming to study in Osaka, I had traveled to Japan many times alone. I was deeply impressed by Japanese design, craftsmanship and martial arts spirit.

People around her are impressed by her powerful graphic images and sword art, it reminds me of a song called the goddess of the moon who hold a flower on the left hand and a sword on the right hand, and people who know Casper will say that she is not a goddess, but a little miss casper who brings treasure into the world!

See her art designs