So what is [365 people] column?
Under the influence of the covid-19, a lot of international students lost their income for living abroad because there are no part-time jobs anymore , and the school lessons are also stopped; Foreigners with working visa also loosing their jobs if they are working in the field of traveling or restaurant industry, etc. ; Those people who living abroad have no idea when they can fly back to their hometown just for visiting. In this difficult times I want to introduce 365 people who are trying hard to live abroad with a positive attitude.
I also want to express our heartful appreciations to our colleagues, friends and those who have a warm heart , thank you for being so kind to our foreigners.

Wendy is from Hong Kong with a Japanese language level N1. She has been in Osaka for over 5 years.
She is fluent in Japanese, English, native both in Cantonese and Chinese.
She is very cute, friendly and hard working girl.
She currently works for a major travel company.

>So Wendy, tell me why did you come to live in Japan?
>>I have always loved Japanese culture and I used to travel to Japan a lot. So after graduate I want to experience Japanese corporate culture, so I applied for working holiday visa and started work in Japan.

>What surprised you the most when first time came to Japan? and why?
>>It is the Japanese supermarket. The products are lined up neatly and there are a surprising number of different products, and the lunch boxes and side dishes are also good, tastes good and also very convenient for people who live alone or who do not want to cook!
Wendy started learning from her school days the basics of making cakes and other sweets, and in the future she wants to run a cafe_de_wendy caffee in Japan.

Wendy’s handmade cakes are really delicious, even just look at them your smile will spill out … if you ask for delivery, she will always amazingly appears at a good time! Like the flying witch Kiki’s Delivery (laughs)
Here is her sweets instagram