Why so many men are cooking

In Japan, there is a popular psychology called the “Three Desires”, that is, people’s desires for food, sleep, and sex. These three desires are called the greatest motivational factors of human being.
Confucius in China also mentioned in the “Book of Rites” that “food and sex are basic human desires. “, Mencius also said that “The desire for food and sex is a part of human nature.”
I have always firmly believed that eating delicious food is one of the happiest things in the world.
Of course it’s best to be able to make delicious food by yourself, but it’s the happiest thing to find someone willing to cook for you!

In the past, when men look for someone to get married, he usually cares about whether her cooking is delicious, but now Men are spending more time in the kitchen than perhaps ever before….
Why so many men are cooking? maybe they finally realize that cooking are very charming.
This time, I want to introduce a friend of mine who is very charming in the kitchen!

France Daruma comes from Bali, Indonesia, and has been in Osaka for 12 years.
There are many cultural differences between Indonesia and Japan.
Daruma said that the first time he came to Japan, he was surprised to find that there were not so many motorcycles (laughs).
He also said that in Indonesia, there are many people wandering around residential streets just to kill time, but in Japan, doing so will be considered suspicious or even reported to the police.

I found out that he is good at cooking at a friend’s home party, when he made a Rendang (Rendang Beef) which was called the national dish of Indonesia. The beef first was simmered for a long time with a variety of spices, and deep cook for long time. It was selected by CNN as one of the most delicious dishes in the world.

Currently Daruma has stared his own YouTube cooking channel called “Daruma Cooking
There are a lot of Japanese desserts and Indonesian recipes that look mouth-watering!
The common feature of these recipes is that they are simple and easy to learn. I want to try them out immediately after looking at them!
Under the lock down, friends can not get together, so we just watch his cooking video, and learn to cook it and then cheers to each other via messages!