Friday Banana

After I moved to Kitatanabe in February 2020 I found this small shopping street nearby called Shindo(New Yoad) Shopping Street.
As I started a new life , I feel that there is a connection between me that this place..
There is a small fruits shop with no name on this shopping street.
Chinese people generally like fruits.
It is very common to eat lychees, bayberry, dragon fruit, pitaya, etc. in China.
Since I came to Japan, the price is expensive and the variety is limited. I can only eat apples and bananas every day…
This fruit shop has a lot of seasonal fruits, which looks mouth-watering, but considering the price, I’m afraid I can’t afford it every day, so I only buy bananas.
Bananas on Mondays in this shop are expensive, so I only buy bananas on Fridays.
Because the unsold bananas will turn black within a week, the price will be half,
Even if the skin turns black, the inside is white and sweet and delicious, much more tasty than bnanas with beautiful coats!
The owner was an elderly man, and gradually he remembered me, who only buy black bananas.
So every time even I only one or two bundles, he will double the amount of bananas with same price ! It’s enough for me to eat for a week !
After almost half year of eating these Friday bananas it actually cured my constipation that had lasted for decades.
In the rest of my life, I hope I can find a real Friday banana for my company (LOL)!