[SSL] Change multilingual site from http to https

I recently completed multilingual website www.crew.inc in the form of a subdirectory. I encrypted the site today, that is, the URL was changed from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” without using any plugins.

Step 1: Make a backup of your website.

Step 2: Issue a free “SSL certificate” on the rental server you use.

Step 3: WordPress [participating site]-> [site network management]-> [site]-> Chinese and English site URL editing. But I couldn’t change the Japanese site.
Step 4: when you finish the third step, the Chinese and English websites should be converted into https encrypted form, but due to the mixed contents of HTTP and https (basically pictures) appearing in these two websites, the encryption cannot be completed.

To solve the problem
Find out which picture did not pass https, and then correct it by modifying HTTML. At this point, the Chinese and English website URLs in the subdirectories have all become encrypted websites beginning with https.

The last step is more complicated.

Step 5: Open “phpmyadmin” under “Database” → click “wp_options” → siteurl “Press” Edit “and” Home “, change http to https, then press” Run “to finish.