Ice wine-Leo

So what is [365 people] column?
Under the influence of the covid-19, a lot of international students lost their income for living abroad because there are no part-time jobs anymore , and the school lessons are also stopped; Foreigners with working visa also loosing their jobs if they are working in the field of traveling or restaurant industry, etc. ; Those people who living abroad have no idea when they can just fly back to their hometown for visiting… In this difficult times I want to introduce 365 people who are trying hard to live abroad with a positive attitude.
I also want to express our heartful appreciations to our colleagues, friends and those who have a warm heart , thank you for being so kind to our foreigners.

Today, I would like to introduce Leo Yu, who currently runs a liquor trading company.

>Hello Leo! Thank you for your participation. Please introduce yourself.
>>I’m Leo. I am from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China and currently live in Osaka.

>How long have you been in Japan?
>>It’s been 13 years since I came in October 2007.

>Why did you come to live in Japan?
>>I came here to study and then I found that the nature environment is good, the service is super good, so I decided to stay here.

>Have you been surprised when you first came to Japan? why?
>>When I 1st time got on a subway, it was so quiet and no one was talking, that was surprised me the most.

Leo not only sells Japanese sake and wine, but also his hometown ice wine and has its own Amazon online store.
Leo, thank you for your time. Lets get together when you have time!