Huanren Ice wine

Ice wine is deliciously sweet, and due to the many things that have to go right for it to be produced and the low juice yield from the grapes, it is very expensive.
Changyu winery partnered up with a Canadian company some years ago to develop an expansive vineyard specifically for icewine production. Those Vidal vines are now coming into full production – all 5000 mu (about 333 hectares) of them (there is some confusion over the actual area planted. Some web sources say 5000 acres, but two signs I saw at Changyu say they have 5000 mu (1 mu = 0.067 ha)). The plan is to make icewine under similar conditions as required by the Canadian VQA system, and supply a quality product (Changyu Golden Valley Icewine) to the domestic market.

frozen grapes