Janie Girl

So what is [365 people] column?
Under the influence of the covid-19, a lot of international students lost their income for living abroad because there are no part-time jobs anymore , and the school lessons are also stopped; Foreigners with working visa also loosing their jobs if they are working in the field of traveling or food industries, etc. ; Those people who living abroad have been looking forward to fly back to their hometown for visit but with no idea when it is going to happen… In this difficult times I want to introduce 365 people who are trying hard to live abroad with a positive attitude.
I also want to express our heartful appreciations to our colleagues, friends and those who have a warm heart , thank you for being so kind to our foreigners.

Today, I would like to introduce Janie, who is currently an MBA student at Kyoto University.

>Hello Jenny! Thank you for your participation. Please introduce yourself.
>>(laughs) I’m Janie. I am from Xi’an, China, and now live in Osaka.

>How long have you been in Japan?
>>I came to Japan in 2012 for 9 years.

>Why did you come to live in Japan?
>>I got married after studied here and found myself already get used to living here in Japan.

>When you first came to Japan, was there anything that surprised you? why?
>> (laughs) I left my handbag in the bicycle basket and went to the supermarket. When I came back, my bag was still there.

While attending school, Janie also runs a travel agency with her husband from Taiwan, and also planning to open a Taiwanese restaurant and is looking for investment.
Janie is good at cooking and handmade, and has her own online shop.
I have had Taiwanese food, Chinese food and delicious coffee and desserts at Janie’s. thank you very much.