North China Food: Lamb Soup

Liaoning | Benxi Xiaoshi Lamb soup
As everyone knows, my hometown, a small mountain city of Benxi is famous for its northeast lamb soup. It will be a great regret for me to go back home without drinking lamb soup. The local people have this tradition to drink the soup during the hottest days in summer instead of winter. The uniqueness of the Xiaoshi lamb soup is first and foremost the material. The lamb soup is made of cashmere goats in the mountainous area of Liaodong. When the sheep are raised to about 100 kg, the meat taste is the best. The water used for the soup is the water of the Prince Edward River in Benxi. The water quality is excellent, and it even tastes a little sweet. The traditional process of Manchu sheep soup was inherited and improved during the soup and usually go though several hours of cooking, the meat is rotten, soup is cooked, and it is delicious.