Life after Covid-19:what will change.

I believe that the biggest difference between the world before and after pandemic will be related to the state of the world economy.

Job loss, insecurity and stress are closely linked to mental health. For this reason, I think that the number of people suffering from mental illnesses might increase, resulting in a shortage of doctors and psychotherapists.

However, it is said that every crisis is also an opportunity.

This “crisis” was and is a huge opportunity. I know many companies, which arose from this situation, and they are flourishing.

Moreover, for many people including me, it was an opportunity to start learning new things and gain new skills.

I improved my knowledge in IT field, for which I am grateful.

I think we should be grateful for everything that life has to offer and more attentive to little things. We should not pursue the illusion, but perceive the beauties and possibilities, which we have in front of our eyes every day.