Maguro the black cat

There are many old houses in the residential street where I live, most of the residents are elderly people, some are even unoccupied, it is quiet without children and the roof can move freely, so there are a lot of stray cats here, among them there are also indoor cats that are free to run outside. My neighbors put water and cat food bowls at the door to help those stray cats who can’t find food. I feel jealous to those houses with “cats” at the door, and hope that cats can grow out of my door too.
One night when I returned from a walk outside at around 8pm on February 13, 2021, I found a black cat squatting on the wall of my house. Maybe she wanted to take a break while passing here, and didn’t expect to be sawt! I decided to take this big cat to my roof from today and named him Maguro!