Kitatanabe Morning Market

When I Was Working In Dalian, I Often Went To Work After Eating At Home In The Morning.
Occasionally, I Would Eat Ramen, Steamed Dumplings Or Youtiao And Soy Milk On The Way To Work.
After Arriving In Osaka, If You Want To Eat On The Way To Work, You Can Only Go To A 24-Hour Convenience Store, Bread, Milk, Rice Balls, Vegetable Salad Etc.
Sometimes I Want To Eat Something From The Northeast.
After Discovering This Market 3 Years Ago, I Got Up Early Every Sunday To Have Breakfast There And Buy A Roast Chicken And Some Cooked Meat.
Since February, I Have N’t Been Out Or Seen Friends.
I Am Looking Forward To Go To This Morning Market Anytime Soon!