mosquito evolution

It takes about 2.1 billion years for Human to evolved to this day, perhaps human genes will change again in tens of thousands of years, but mosquitoes are evolving every year!

The evidences of mosquito evolution:
1.Adaptability. In the past when there is not many high buildings mosquitoes could only fly to the third floor. Now mosquitoes hidden in our clothes and take the elevator to enter the room no matter which floor you live.

2.Thinking ability. In the past, mosquitoes made a buzzing sound when they flew near our ears. Now mosquitoes will avoid fly near ears. In addition, mosquitoes are able to judge whether you are fast asleep according to human breathing and the amount of carbon dioxide.

3.Move instantly. The speed of mosquitoes has reached 120 km per hour, which is why we can’t always kill the mosquitoes that fall on our bodies. For mosquitoes, we are ridiculously slow.

4.Research ability. Mosquitoes will judge the range of human sight, and then specifically attack places we can’t see or beat. They even bite the eyelids because they know that we don’t easily pat our eyes.

5.Carrying chemical weapons. The mosquito’s saliva contains anticoagulants and anesthetics, so we often realize being bitten after the mosquitoes have slipped away.

6.Proficient in astronomy and geography. Mosquitoes in the wild use the wind to adjust their movement. They fly against wind to look for attacking objects . After sucking blood, they become heavy and will choose to escape quickly in the direction of the wind.

7.Super survivability. The small mosquito’s brain grows near the esophagus. Since the age of dinosaurs, brain cells have been continuously added in order to survive. When there are more brain cells, the brain will become larger and the esophagus will become narrow. Just when mosquitoes cannot decide whether to keep the esophagus open or continue to increase IQ , the emerge of humans solved this problem. Mosquitoes choose to increase brain cells and feed them with blood. The survival of the fittest.

8.Among the mosquitoes, only the female mosquitoes suck blood for laying eggs. The main food of male mosquitoes is fruit juice, plant sugar, etc. The female mosquitoes suck blood only once in their life. The reason why the same mosquito attach you repeatedly is because 1st, it takes at least 4 minutes for them to finally locate your capillaries. 2nd, after several times escaping successfully from your slap, the mosquito has determined that this person is not risky, so she keeps trying.

It is not easy for mosquitoes to survival. I hope that mosquitoes will add disinfectant to the saliva in the future, and the anesthetic ingredients will adapt to human bodes as much as possible, so that we might tolerate with a bite.