Nazreen @ Ammi’s kitchen

Nazreen came to Japan from India to support her husband who works in Japan to handle all sorts of trivial matters in daily life.

She likes cooking a lot, and now working part time as English teacher, she has her own lunch box delivery service: Ammi’s kitchen
mainly for nearby international students and neighbors.
She offers authentic Indian home-cooked food at a very reasonable price and welcomed by everyone.

Nazreen is also a chef once a month at “TIFA Cafe Sapana” in Toyonaka City!
At TIFA Cafe Sapana, foreigners become “chefs” and offers different home-cooked lunches from different countries every day.
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When Nazreen first came to Japan, she had no friends and was worried that the Japan life suits her or not.
Making friends in her country is easy. People usually just go out and talk to people in their daily life.
However, I think it is difficult to make friends in this way in Japan.
After she understands Japanese culture, made friends with Japanese people through her cooking, and now she enjoys life in Japan!

Busy with house works, her cooking service is almost stopped now.
I hope that soon she will start the Ammi’s kitchen again! Looking forward to her cooking!