Peter the Polyglot

So what is [365 people] column?
Under the influence of the covid-19, a lot of international students lost their income for living abroad because there are no part-time jobs anymore , and the school lessons are also stopped; Foreigners with working visa also loosing their jobs if they are working in the field of travelling or restaurant industry, etc. ; Those people who living abroad have no idea when they can just fly back to their hometown just for visiting… In this difficult times I want to introduce 365 people who are trying hard to live abroad with a positive attitude.
I also want to express our heartful appreciations to our colleagues, friends and those who have a warm heart , thank you for being so kind to our foreigners.

Peter was my previous job interviewer.
I remember he asked me:
“Where would you like to recommend to foreign tourists in Osaka?”
I put travel as hobby in my resume,
so I was very impressed that he has read my resume thoroughly.
Although we are in the different division, we worked together for a few years.

Haruki Murakami once said learning another language is like becoming another person
Peter is a native Chinese, and speak Japanese, English and Korean fluently as well.

>Peter, thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself.
>> Yes, my name is Peter Peng. Born in Wenzhou, China. I have been living in Japan for nine years.

>Why did you decide to come and live in Japan?
>> Since I majored in Japanese at university, I came to Japan after graduating to experience authentic Japanese culture. and then I got a job here so now I am still working here.

>What surprised you the most when you first came to Japan? why?
>>When first time I came to Japan, the most surprising thing was that the train is very convenient.
I’m also surprised that the railroad passes through the center of the town and is very close to the buildings and houses.

Peter’s hobby is painting.
>Can you make money with pictures?
>> (laughs) It may be a little difficult to earn money from a hobby.
I just draw what I feel like to draw! It’s enough just to enjoy the painting moment!

Today I would like to introduce Peter’s works.
Click here for his bilibili video work