Spouse visa and move to Japan

For people who are in China and thinking of marrying to Japanese citizen, this article introduces how to get a spouse visa and move to Japan.
■Apply for “Marriage Certificate” in China
●Where to apply: The foreign-related marriage registration bureau
●Person who submits: both parties
●What to prepare:
・The Japan part Proof of singleness
・The Japan part Family register copy (Koseki Tohon )
・The Chinese spouse Resident ID Card
・The Chinese spouse Family Resident Book

■Enrolled in the Japanese family register
●Where to apply: either at
(1) The Japanese Embassy in China
(2) The Japanese spouse residency registration ward office
●Person who submits: both parties or the Japanese part only
●What to prepare:
・The Japan part Family register copy(Koseki Tohon )
・Marriage Notification (Kon-in Todoke)
・Marriage certificate original one
・Marriage certificate in Japanese
・Chinese spouse’s nationality notarization certificate
・Chinese spouse’s nationality notarial certificate in Japanese
※Various certifications can be applied at the Chinese spouse’s residency registration bureau

■Apply for Certificate of Eligibility for the Chinese spouse
●Where to apply: Japan Immigration Bureau
●Person who submits: the Japanese spouse
●What to prepare:
・the application form
・The Japan part Family register copy(Koseki Tohon )
・Proof of resident tax and proof of tax payment of Japanese spouse
Gurantee certificate (身元保証書) signed by the Japanese spouse
・Resident card (住民票) of the Japanese spouse
・Marriage certificate
Questionnaire (質問書)
※The part「結婚に至った経緯 (Whole story of how you two got married)」was not fit in the document so you should write it in a separate paper and attached it to the application.
・Photos of the couple (スナップ写真)
※The website says you will need only 2-3 photos, but this may not be sufficient. people usually prepared 15 photos or more in total and inserted them on the document mentioning the date and location as you wrote in the “how we got married” part. ITs also better to included the screenshots of our Skype conversations.

■Apply for Japanese spouse visa for Chinese spouse
●Where to apply: the Japanese Embassy in China
●Person who submits: the Chinese spouse
●What to prepare:
・Visa application form to enter Japan
・Original copy of the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
・Marriage contract acceptance certificate (authentication)
・Photo of the applicant
・Marriage certificate both original and Japanese translation

This application has been described as “a document hell” because there are so many papers to prepare. It’s now even worse because of Covid-19 as there are some extra papers that are required.
So, how many days did it take to get the visa? usually it takes from one month to as long as four months.
Above are the process for Chinese who want to get married with Japanese, but I am sure it applies to other nationalities too. If you are confused by all the documents please send me emails for help.